The photographer Chris Phillips himself

Violating borders with Photographer Chris Phillips

Photographer Chris Phillips — the art mastermind behind PORNCEPTUAL and his unique style of shy provocation:

A new genre evolving from Berlin´s underground.

The artistic visions of photographer Chris Phillips combine beauty, taste and the violation of existing limitations. Chris is the ambassador of a new genre: art porn.

Photo by Chris Phillips

With PORNCEPTUAL, he succeeded in establishing this new field with a detour through the club scene.

There this new art form could grow independently, far away from the galleries of the superficial art scene:

Photo by Chris Phillips

in dark underground locations, ripped apart by strobo lights, embedded in techno beats, the ideas of photographer Chris Phillips became reality.

Chris started to present his art at the PORNCEPTUAL event series in 2012 (which is organized by Chris and his partner Raquel Fedato).

Photo by Chris Phillips

The new concept of combining erotica art with underground techno parties soon became iconic.

Meanwhile, hundreds of artists worldwide contribute to the PORNCEPTUAL art collection, making this new style an international artistic movement.

Chris represents this new school of artists who are very sexual in their works.

At the same time reducing the intensity of porn atmosphere to a level that could be described as “shy”.

Photo by Chris Phillips

The collective of artists around Chris uses provocative settings, like groups of naked people interacting, explicit displaying of body parts or sexual messages and scenes.

But the creators always combine these extreme contents with a very relaxed and artistic look.

The new genre photographer Chris Phillips helped to create is typical Berlin.

Photo by Chris Phillips

It shows erotica without moral limitations or social drama. But just with a complete open attitude towards the things that excite us: Sex and art.

Born in Brazil and based in Berlin, Chris Phillips is a photographer/filmmaker and an MA in Visual Anthropology.

As a result his work proposes new ways of body representation that re-conceptualise pornographic meanings.

Photo by Chris Phillips

In addition he is the creator of the Art project & platform PORNCEPTUAL and founding member of the WHOLE FESTIVAL.


FINDING Chris Phillips
IG: @herr_phillips




In a world of growing conservatism, we celebrate free art, literature and culture. BERLINABLE is a project led by erotica publisher Giada Armani & PORNCEPTUAL.

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In a world of growing conservatism, we celebrate free art, literature and culture. BERLINABLE is a project led by erotica publisher Giada Armani & PORNCEPTUAL.

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