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Photo by Valeria Van der Ko

Nftreats is the world’s first UNCENSORED and INCLUSIVE marketplace for creators and collectors of digital art.

The NFT platform uses blockchain technology to create a decentralized, community-based platform for erotic art and adult content.

They believe that erotic art, at its core, is an exploration of intimacy.

An exploration of the body and what makes us uniquely human.

We sat down with the creators.

And talked about their fav artists, what the heck an NFT even is and how YOU can benefit from their work.

Why should I pay money for digital art?

What do I get out of it?

There are many reasons to pay money for digital art.

Let’s start with the most important one, in our opinion.

Photo by Nonothinginc

1. Supporting artists that you like:

Being an artist is hard.

Most artists struggle to make a living nowadays. NFTs are a way to support artists that you admire.

Photo by Nonothinginc

2. The traditional art market is flawed:

The traditional art market is corrupted to its core and still run almost exclusively by rich white men, which creates a power imbalance and leaves artists from marginalized groups left behind.

NFTs and digital art are a way to take away power from these people and put it back where it belongs: in the hands of the creators.

3. Digital art is an investment:

The simplest way to think about an NFT is to consider it a digital collectible.

Often these assets can make great investments, as they appreciate in value over time.

Above that, their valuations tend to not correlate with other investment markets.

Photo by Shaaman Messiah

What are NFTs?

A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital file with verified identity and ownership.

Important to note here is also that digital ownership does not equal copyrights.

The NFT purchaser owns a unique hash on the blockchain with a transactional record and a hyperlink to the file of the artwork.

The copyright stays retained by the artist unless specified otherwise and an agreement is made between the collector and the artist.

This verification is done using blockchain technology.

Photo by Shaaman Messiah

Blockchain technology, simply put, is an unhackable system based on the mathematics of cryptography.

So, that’s why you hear a lot of “crypto” when referring to NFTs — crypto-art, crypto-collectibles, etc.

What is the idea of NFTreats in one sentence?

We want to revolutionize adult entertainment and erotic art via blockchain technology.

Why should artists join NFTreats?

By joining nftreats, you are joining a community of like-minded artists, collectors, and crypto enthusiasts who value erotic art and digital ownership.

We want to give you a platform, using the technology to take control of your art and career.

The latest NFT hype cycle has led to billions of dollars in sales this year.

Photo by Valeria Van der Ko

NFTs create a new and totally overdue stream of income for digital creators to monetize their work.

In addition to primary sales, thanks to NFTs, artists are now able to profit from secondary sales via royalties.

All due to smart contracts on the blockchain, creators can earn additional compensation as their NFTs are resold.

Photo by Valeria Van der Ko

The vision of NFTreats?

We are currently witnessing a global backlash on sexual freedom and sexual liberation.

Social Media platforms are banning images of female nipples, sex ed posts about female and queer sexuality, consensual sex work, and more.

As we watch the global rise of censorship continue, we keep pushing for alternative solutions through blockchain, because this is far from the end of this battle.

Social media’s war on sex is a multi-layered and highly political trend that is already starting to have harmful repercussions reaching far beyond the digital realm.

Vague terminology allows industry giants to dictate what is and is not sexually explicit or suggestive.

Often that lends itself to unconscious biases and patriarchal beliefs.

We believe that a free culture, where ALL people can experience and enjoy their sexuality freely and without discrimination or stigmatization is crucial to creating an overall better, healthier world.

Photo by Zak Krevitt

We want to create a safe and inclusive environment where people can talk and learn about sex and sexuality through creative expression and artistic value.

Where they are not being manipulated by algorithms designed.

Art is one of the things that make us human.

That makes life worth living.

We want to create a space where artists of all kinds are not being exploited and where they can express themselves and become part of a like-minded community.

Which art awaits us on the Nftreats platform?

You will find all kinds of erotic art on our platform.

For us, “erotic” doesn’t just mean “sex” or “sexually explicit”.

Eroticism is so much more than that.

Erotic art is not only art intended to evoke erotic arousal and/or depicting human nudity and/or sexual activity; moreover it is sexuality transformed by the human imagination.

It’s the thoughts, dreams, anticipation, unruly impulses, and even painful memories which make up our vast erotic landscapes.

It’s energized by our entire human experience.

We try to give creators full freedom when it comes to choosing their medium.

We will feature photographers, painters, illustrators, filmmakers, 3D artists, audio artists, and more on our platform!

Certainly, creativity should never be limited.

Photo by Zak Krevitt

The 5 first NFTreats-artists that you recommend? Why?

1. Zak Krevitt (he/they)

Zak has been part of the nftreats community from the beginning.

His photography is stunning and his activism has taken our hearts by storm.

Zak Krevitt is a longtime advocate for LGBTQ+ communities.

For over a decade, they have been documenting, marching for, and fundraising alongside queer people in various communities.

Photo by Zak Krevitt

Their work lives within this passion for queer advocacy, and represents a lived experiences both public and private.

The work explores transformation, posthumanism, power-exchange, animism, anthropology, and the ability to create authenticity through photographic crystallization of reified desire.

Zak began exploring NFTs in April of 2020 and has since used the technology to fundraise for underserved communities.

Their genesis piece “Brooklyn Liberation: I Believe in Our Power” is an audio visual piece focused on the Brooklyn Liberation protest which was a march to support Black Trans Lives.

The NFT sold at auction for 8.888 eth to VertiasKami of MetaPurse, and the converted USD was donated in full to ‘Black Trans Femmes In The Arts.’

As a professor at The School of Visual Arts in NYC, they hope to impart a spirit of activism, adventure, and community onto their students.

Photo by Zak Krevitt

2. Valeria Van der Ko (she/her)

Valeria has also been with us from the start.

We did our very first pre-launch auction with this amazing Russian artist, who has cornered the market on erotic illustrations and watercolor paintings.

She sold her first NFT for roughly 800 Euros.

Photo by Valeria Van der Ko

3. Nonothing Inc (he/him)

No words could ever describe the fascination we have with nonothing’s BDSM inspired work.

His photography is stunning with a very unique style and charm.

Can’t wait to see what he’s gonna drop on

Photo by Nonothinginc

4. My Sweet Apple

Our first sex work creators on nftreats!

My Sweet Apple is the most adorable couple we’ve ever met.

They are hugely successful, having millions of followers on pornhub and OnlyFans.

Their work is not just incredibly sexy, it is also empowering, educating, and just aesthetically stunning.

5. Shamaan Messiah

Shamaan Messiah is a real force in the crypto world.

His art has been featured in Vogue Italia and he recently helped curate a digital exhibition about erotic art.

Photo by Shaaman Messiah

How does NFTreats really work? I search, I pay, and then?

Do I print the art? Or is it just digital?

On our platform, if you want to participate as either a creator or a collector of NFTs or both, you have to create a profile on our platform which you connect to your digital wallet.

Since we are a sex work inclusive platform, we require everyone who wants to mint (this is a blockchain term for uploading basically) art on our platform to go through our verification process.

After all, we need to make sure all creators are 18 or older.

After the verification process, you can buy and sell as much art as you like.

What you do with it after you buy it is completely up to you.

You can resell it.

Photo by Valeria Van der Ko

You can keep it in your collection.

Otherwise, you can display it on a digital screen in your house or apartment or you can make a print to enjoy for non-commercial purposes.

Photo by Nonothinginc

Is blockchain art buying smart for collectors? Or is this just for fun? Why?

Certainly, both of these things can be true.

NFTs can be a great investment.

From a certain point of view, the value of NFTs is in the eye of the collector.

After all, owning a totally unique object — the ultimate criterion for every true collector — may be worth nearly any expense if you want it badly enough.

Photo by Shaaman Messiah

You can also own NFTs purely for your own enjoyment.

Consider the money spent as a great way to support the artists, players, or other creators you care deeply about.


BERLINABLE’s mission is to fight for a sexually liberated and free society.

We are happy to see allies, like, rising up online to join us. If you believe in free sexual expression, go check them out:

IG: nftreats_art
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