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I can’t believe it’s 2020 and we still need to say this but doing butt stuff does not make you gay.

The Butt Plug Dilemma: Why men are missing a large part of their sexuality due to societal pressure?

A dive into what is the real taboo behind straight men having anal pleasure.

One of the downsides of straight men not being included in current discussions about sexuality and sex-positivity is that well, they end up having less information about sex.

And of course, if you talk to any woman who has sex with men, you will know right away how it very much reflects.

But this means straight men also know way less about themselves and their bodies.

It’s a known fact that straight men go less to the doctor, are more prone to curable diseases, mental health issues and giving their partners less orgasms.

Patriarchy also oppresses boys and men, and takes the power over their own sexualities away.

One of the most tragic examples of this is how many straight men live in fear of their own g-spots.

Photo by Taras Chernus

Only one thing makes you gay; and it’s not a finger (or butt plug) in your ass.

Men are generally scared of playing with their assholes because alas, they think it makes them gay.

And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with being gay in the first place — let’s shed off all that internalized homophobia my boys — your sexual preference has nothing to do with where in your body you like to be touched!

Sexual preference and/or orientation is defined solely by who you are attracted to.

Meaning the only thing that makes a man gay/bisexual is whether or not he is attracted to other man.

End of conversation.

So, feeling pleasure deriving from a spot that is basically a bundle of nerves has nothing to do with your sexual preference.

It’s human nature. Plus, dildos, butt plugs, and other toys are not gay.

Inanimate objects do not have sexual preferences.

Let’s be rational for a second

Look, a man’s prostate is not only a very sensitive spot, but it’s also directly helping erection and has a key role in male’s sexuality in general.

That it responds well to stimulation is just a biological fact — or just how God made you if you prefer.

And there you are, missing on a whole lot of pleasure just because you were raised to believe it would make you less of a man. Talk about giving away power, am I right?

So do me a favor and stop wasting time: buy a butt plug. Or even, an erotic glove. Or maybe finally let your girlfriend finger you while she’s down there.

Stop denying yourself the right to feel good — and get to know your body — out of pure fear.

We are now starting a very important conversation about how much the clitoris is crucial to female sexuality.

It’s about time we talk about prostates, too.

Finally, in my personal experience, there was not ever one guy who didn’t enjoy being anally penetrated.

And there is nothing more attractive in a man than being brave enough to challenge the stereotypes imposed on him to live a freer and fulfilling life.


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